Nut-based products set to go mainstream in Vietnam in coming decade

Nut-based products set to go mainstream in Vietnam in coming decade

It is a known fact that Vietnam has amongst the fastest-growing economies in the South East Asia region, with many overseas companies looking for ways to penetrate the market, boosting job opportunities and incomes locally.

Along with this growth in incomes and economies, food products that were once considered more of a luxury or premium specialty are slowly becoming more common to local consumers – and one of these is products made from nuts.

“In Vietnam today, the trend is undoubtedly nuts and products from nuts, no matter whether it is granola or powders or milks, Vietnamese consumers are very much on the lookout for nut-based items in these categories,”​ local oil and spreads firm Dat Foods’ Founder and CEO Bùi Thăng Long told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“This has been on the rise as Vietnam’s economy is getting better and average incomes are becoming higher, so more consumers are now showing more care for their health and believe that nut-based products are good both nutritionally and functionally.

“As it is, many brands are choosing to use ‘nuts’ as a keyword in their marketing, even if their products only contain very little nuts or no more than 20% because the concept of nuts is such a big draw for the consumers – this remains the biggest challenge in the Vietnamese market for real nut product brands as consumers don’t know the difference yet, so education is critical.”

Although the category is growing rapidly, at present it is still not yet anywhere achieving mainstream status as economic growth has not reached sufficient levels to enable locals to consume nut-based products as a daily staple – but Long is hopeful that this can be achieved in the coming decade.

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