No, This Video Does Not Show Poisoned Rasgullas For Reducing Hindus Population Being Dumped; Viral Claim Is Misleading!

No, This Video Does Not Show Poisoned Rasgullas For Reducing Hindus Population Being Dumped; Viral Claim Is Misleading!

A claim is going viral across social media where a sweet factory can be seen being raided. The video is viral with the claim that the sweets factory was run by Muslims who poisoned the sweets in an effort to reduce the Hindu population.


The right-wing media outlet Sudarshan News shared a video where large vats of the syrupy dessert rasgullas can be seen. In another visual in the video, police can be seen gathered around a vat containing the sweet. In a different visual, rasgullas can be seen being dropped into a deep pit.

Suresh Chavhanke, Chief Editor at Sudarshan News shared the video claiming, “Abdul has introduced special sweets on Diwali: Population Control sweets.”

Sharing the same video, businessman and social media personality Arun Pudur claimed, “UP: Mohd Abdullah & Abbashi were preparing to sell 20,000 Kgs of Rasgullas, 5,200 Kgs of Mawa & 4,000 Kgs Chhena mixed with Poison to kill Hindus during #Deepavali. Meerut administration caught & destroyed it.”

User @AshwiniSahaya tweeted the video with the claim, “Mohammad Abdullah & Abbasi were mixing poison in Rasgullas on sale for Diwali🪔 to reduce the ‘H¡ndu Population.”

The claim is viral across Twitter.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The viral video showing rasgullas being dumped in a pit is being shared without the entire context.

We used InVid’s Keyframe Analysis tool to isolate the keyframes of the viral video. We then conducted a reverse image search on the keyframes and came across a post on Facebook.

The post by APNA Muzaffarnagar was published on October 21, 2022, and contained a snapshot from the latter part of the viral video. The caption reads, “Hundreds of quintals of adulterated white rasgulla destroyed after a complaint before the festival of Diwali. The food department and police team raided six places in village Kulheri and recovered a huge quantity of fake rasgulla and equipment. Hundreds of quintals of white rasgullas were caught. After sampling, the SDM dug a deep pit and buried the rasgullas in it.”

This led us to conduct a keyword search based on the keywords used in the post. We came across a post by Muzaffarnagar Bulletin published on October 19, 2022.

The caption notes, “A factory for making adulterated rasgulla was discovered in Kulheri village of Charthaval. In the raid of the administration, 200 quintals of adulterated rasgulla were recovered. The rasgullas were meant to be supplied to the sweets shop on Diwali.”

We conducted another keyword search with these keywords and came across a report by AmarUjala published on October 21, 2022. The report is titled, ‘400 quintal adulterated rasgulla buried in the ground’.

As per the AmarUjala report, in the Kulheri village of Charthaval, the district administration raided a sweets factory and destroyed 400 quintals of rasgullas by burying them in pits in the ground.

On October 19, the administration received information that adulterated rasgullas were being made in Kulher, according to the report. The Sub Divisional Magistrate of Sadar, Parmanand Jha, Circle Officer Dhirendra Nagar and Charthaval Police reached the location where the rasgullas were being made. As per the Amar Ujala report, urea, detergent powder, semolina, and maida were being added to make the rasgullas.

We conducted another keyword search with relevant terms and came across a report by Dainik Bhaskar published on 20 October 2022. The report titled, ‘200 qunitals of inedible rasgullas destroyed in Muzzafarnagr.”

The Dainik Bhaskar report confirms that the rasgulla was adulterated at the sweets factory. In these two reports, there is no information about the owners of the factory, and there is no mention of a communal angle nor the mention of the mixing of poison in rasgullas or other sweets by Muslims.

We then contacted Circle Officer Yatendra Singh Nagar for more details. He told us that there is no communal angle involved in this case. “All people in business doing adultery which is not ethical. We are taking action against the accused, however, giving communal angle to this case is absolutely wrong.”

Fact Check website Boom also contacted Muzaffarnagar SDM Sadar, Parmanand Jha, who refuted the viral claim. He said, “Though the rasgulla factory belongs to the people of Muslim community, this incident should not be given communal colour. Everybody do business and some of them practice unethical adulatration techniques. We have arrested many Hindus and people from other religion practicing adultration. We got complaint of making rasgulla in unhygenice condition. We then raided the place with food department in Kulheri village and dumped the adulterated rasgullas. This claim of Muslims intentionally mixing poison in ragulla to reduce population is not true.”


The viral video showing rasgullas being dumped in a pit is being shared without the entire context. The rasgullas were adulterated with products such as urea and detergent powder. The Muzzafarnagar police dug up a pit and dumped the adulterated rasgullas in a pit which was captured in the viral video. Thus, we can ascertain that the viral video is shared in a misleading manner.

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