Job hunting? Here’s how to create an effective online profile

Job hunting? Here’s how to create an effective online profile

Online/ social media profiles are a great networking tool and can be the gateway to your next big job

Shelly Anand

New Delhi,UPDATED: Oct 11, 2022 18:42 IST

An up-to-date and well-curated social media profile can be invaluable for job-seekers (Representational image)

By Shelly Anand: Searching for a job can be a challenging process, especially in a social media-centric job market where your network and online profile hold the key. Most recruiters nowadays check the online/ social media profiles of prospective hires. It helps recruiters to scrutinise the candidate from all aspects and also aids validation, says Sumit Kumar, chief business officer, TeamLease Education Foundation. So, it makes sense to curate ones activities on social media platforms, remain cautious while building a network, be genuine and factor in a few important points while creating an online profile.

More and more candidates now seek jobs that offer work-life balance, along with rewards and perks. They want to be a part of companies that takes care of employees and encourage growth. Technical recruiters and talent acquisition teams are more likely to reach their hiring goals when they can move faster than the competition. Sushant Dwivedy, managing director, SHL (India and Philippines), points out, Recruiters keep the right candidates in the funnel to achieve hiring targets quicker. The ability to have a 360-degree view helps make better hiring decisions. Leveraging social networking sites help match and tap candidates fast.

Having an updated online presence is a prerequisite when applying for a job. Information supporting candidates job qualifications, professional online persona and other skills are of interest to most recruiters. An executive summary at the beginning of the profile is recommended and it should summarise the professional highlights in bullet points. Chronology is essential. It is equally important to showcase skill sets. While creating a profile, candidates should focus on key responsibilities, learnings and the outcome of every career assignment, says Kumar. The profile should be crisp. A search algorithm is essential to make the profile searchable on the internet. Using the right keywords is essential to make the profile ATS (applicant tracking system) compliant.

Having an updated resume is the first step and you must include important keywords in the resume that highlight your skill sets, as keyword search is the basic approach recruiters follow to search for a suitable candidate. A well-described work experience adds value to an aspirants profile. According to Chandra Sekhar Garisa, CEO, Monster India, There must be a clear understanding of what a job seeker is looking for and how the skills match with a job opening. Also, one must devote time to job searches. Setting job alerts helps a lot in applying for preferred jobs.

While accessing your job profile daily keeps your account active and grabs higher recruiter attention, an online/ social media profile adds to the credibility of the candidate. It gives a sneak peek into the candidates personality. It acts as a branding tool that helps position your strengths and leverage them, says Garisa. An amalgamation of all these factors makes it easier for the recruiter to evaluate if the person is the right fit for the job.

In the social media space, LinkedIn is the go-to professional platform for employers while examining a candidates profile. However, they usually dont restrict themselves to the LinkedIn profile but also check the Facebook and Instagram profiles, especially of the younger aspirants. Observes Dwivedy, Platforms these days offer several opportunities to establish industry connections. Prospective candidates can do so by networking with like-minded people through member groups, holding discussions and using them as channels to showcase their knowledge.

While being specific about your achievements can help appear in search results of employers, you will also need to make an extra effort by keeping your profile up to date by adding achievements and experiences to create an excellent first impression.

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