DVIDS – News – NETCOM’s Talent Management Team pushes the envelope

DVIDS – News – NETCOM’s Talent Management Team pushes the envelope

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. – Just in time for Fort Huachuca’s Fall Career Fair on October 28, the U.S. Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command and its Civilian Talent Management team are expanding their efforts in recruiting and retaining the best people, while providing opportunities to grow and become part of a team that is at the cutting edge where new technologies are put to the ultimate test. And career fairs are just a small part of the command’s new talent management efforts.

“Our goal is to promote and participate in hiring events with the various universities,” said NETCOM G1 Civilian Talent Management team member Ann Ulibarri. “We are also increasing the use of social media outlets to reach a larger audience, who aren’t familiar with the use of USAJOBS [usajobs.gov], to apply for government positions,” she added.

“The CG’s vision contained in NETCOM’s Strategic Human Capital Plan produced by NETCOM G-1 Talent Management lays out the way forward to acquire, develop, employ and retain the NETCOM workforce,” said Andrew Boswell, NETCOM’s Civilian Talent Management lead.

NETCOM’s Civilian Talent Management team, in partnership with NETCOM’s Data Science Directorate, are analyzing data available from federal and industry resources and LinkedIn analytics that provides information regarding the current workforce across mission critical occupations, including demographic and background characteristics of the current workforce, explained Boswell. This includes everything from retirement eligibility to turnover and other management issues.

“This strategic alliance will better enable NETCOM to manage critical workforce competencies by incorporating new methods to introduce key skill-sets into our hiring and development processes,” said Boswell. “Participation at Career Fairs and Virtual Outreaches are another major initiative currently underway between NETCOM G-1 Talent Management and the recently formed ARCYBER [Army Cyber Command] Talent Management Division.”

“In addition, NETCOM G-1 Talent Management has produced and distributed a Virtual Outreach SOP containing tools, techniques, and lessons-learned from NETCOM’s participation in the recent University of Arizona Virtual Career Fair,” said Boswell. But competition for talent only continues to grow.

“There is increasingly steep global competition for the best candidates across the entire hiring spectrum, both within and outside of the Federal Government,” said Boswell. “The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields continue to grow at a much faster rate compared to the growth rate of other professions, therefore increasing the demand for STEM graduates.” And, as demand grows, so does NETCOM’s focus. “With STEM occupations in high demand, NETCOM is taking measured steps to establish an outreach program strategy to help attract qualified employees.”

“Outreach and recruitment techniques change over time,” said Boswell. “As a result, we are developing new ways to attract and retain talent in the form of agile outreach and recruiting practices.”

“NETCOM’s agile methodology encourages a shift away from rigid processes and fixed timelines to more responsive, real-time outreach and recruiting practices geared towards the new, virtual talent marketplace.” Boswell explained they are implementing agile outreach and recruiting practices that adopt modernized outreach and techniques that include leveraging Direct Hire, considering Over-hire options, focusing on retirement intent in helping plan for new hires, advertising vacancies on social media platforms, and informing the team of recruitment opportunities unique to career field or job series.

“The NETCOM workforce is aging, with a significant number of anticipated retirements taking place within the Baby Boomer generation,” said Boswell. “In order to attract quality candidates, we are leveraging expertise from the Army’s Civilian Career Management Activity and NETCOM Public Affairs to build and incorporate the NETCOM brand.”

In closing, Boswell said the NETCOM Civilian Talent Management team is committed to growing its strategic partnerships and implementing tools and techniques to recruit highly educated young professionals into the NETCOM team, highlighting that as NETCOM’s mission continues to evolve and technology continues to change, the NETCOM Civilian Talent Management team will continue to excel.

For more information on careers with NETCOM visit: https://www.usajobs.gov/ keyword: NETCOM.

About: NETCOM leads global operations for the Army’s portion of the DODIN, ensuring freedom of action in cyberspace while denying the same to our adversaries in support of multi-domain operations.

For more news on NETCOM please visit: https://www.army.mil/netcom

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